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Tungsten X-Files


  Tungsten steel alloy, also known as tungsten gold (Tungsten), has always been a high-tech product used in aviation shuttles. Now it has gradually been converted into civilian use. In fact, tungsten steel has many things that consumers like. This material is different from ordinary materials. Its hardness is close to natural diamonds (diamond hardness is 10, tungsten steel hardness is 8.7). It is not easy to wear, has high smoothness, and is as bright as a mirror. Therefore, tungsten gold jewelry and diamond jewelry have the same meaning. Both can present a symbol of the eternity of time.




    Tungsten (Swedish and Danish tung sten means "heavy stone") was considered an emerging material in 1779 after Peter Woulfe reviewed the research on wolframite. After research and evidence by many researchers from 1781 to 1783, a pair of brothers in Spain finally successfully isolated tungsten by reducing acid and charcoal, making tungsten a new element. Like gold, silver and platinum, tungsten is an element #74. In 1922 the Germans used materials developed from tungsten steel to make better cutting tools that could crush and cut steel more accurately. In World War II, tungsten steel became a very important raw material in the weapons and equipment industry due to its resistance to high temperatures and the extreme strength of its alloy. Therefore, the source pipeline of tungsten steel material was very narrow, which also determined the importance of tungsten steel. The rarity of gold jewelry. Today, tungsten steel is widely used in the machinery and aviation industries around the world and is an indispensable material in modern industry.


Tungsten Metallic Properties


    Four times harder than steel, tungsten has the highest melting and boiling points of all elements. The melting point is 3,420 degrees Celsius or 6,700 degrees Fahrenheit; the boiling point is 5,700 degrees Celsius and 10,300 degrees Fahrenheit.


Diamond in Metal


   Tungsten is used in jewelry design because of its charming natural metallic properties. Because it is extremely hard and can retain its color and brightness forever, only diamonds or special sapphires can scratch it. Tungsten steel is the hardest of all metals. It is polished with diamonds to create a perfect mirror texture. The process is quite complex, including a series of high-tech processing procedures. Each program is strictly tested, and the pressure, temperature, etc. throughout the process are Real-time monitoring is required to ensure that every product is presented beautifully.

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